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Brief Introduction Of Shade Net

Apr 12, 2018

Shade net is a new type of special protective cover material for agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry, wind protection, and cover soil that has been popularized in the past 10 years. After covering in summer, it plays a role in blocking light, blocking rain, moisturizing and cooling. After winter and spring coverage, there is a certain degree of heat and humidity.

Shade nets are mainly used in summer, especially in the south. The use of shade nets to grow vegetables in the south in summer has become a major extension of technical measures for disaster protection. Northern applications are also limited to summer vegetable nursery. In summer (June-August), the main function of covering the shading nets is to prevent the sun's exposure, prevent the impact of heavy rain, high-temperature hazards, spread of pests and diseases, and especially play a role in preventing the migration of pests.

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Shade Net

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