Anti Fly Net
Anti Fly NetAnti Fly Net

Anti Fly Net

    Anti-fly netting  also named Greenhouse Insect screen,Anti-fly screening are used in greenhouses and nurseries in order to control the movement of insects inside and outside the greenhouse. Insect netting comes in many hole sizes based on the size of the smallest insect you are looking to control.

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Anti insect net, also known as plant and vegetables greenhouse net. Used for prevent the insect fly into the greenhouse during 

the plant growing, and cover the plants. Key off the approaches that the pests (adult insect) breeding. Effective control of the 

spread of all kinds of harmful pests spread, such as Cabbage caterpillar, diamondback moth, aphids, flea beetles, Sweet 

agnata, American leafminer, litura etc and prevent the harmful of virus spread. Significantly reduced the use of chemical 

pesticides, so that the planting vegetables good-quality and health.

However, pests and insects also cause immense damage to agricultural yield by feeding on or sucking plants, depositing 

eggs on crops and spreading disease.

Moreover, these insects also develop resistance to chemical pesticides that are still used, resulting in a significant reduction 

in the efficiency of these materials.

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us,We have more than 20 years of production 

experience, support OEM&ODM,and we support free samples.

Greenhouse Insect Screen

Material100% Virgin PP , 70% Virgin PP and 30 % Recycle
Weight 8-100gs
Length 10m , 20m , 100m , 1000m etc
Mesh Siz20mm*20mm,25mm*25mm,15mm*15m
ColorWhite, Green, Black, Blue

Greenhouse Insect Screen

Greenhouse Insect Screen for vegetable nets, the anti insect screen apply for vegetable growth, yield, good ventilated

permeability, can prevent hail, windy, ultraviolet radiation, can prevent insect invasion, for instance, aphids,Coccinella

septempunctta, etc; save the expense  of farmchemical.

The vegetable our products belong to green pollution-free food, can sell a good price, general use 3-5 years. 

Anti Fly Net

·We check the container clearly to ensure it without any damaged or damp when loading;

·We have own logistic team to ensure the best freight charge and port charge;

·We guarantee the maximum quantity of goods can be loaded;

Greenhouse Insect Screen

Greenhouse Insect Screen

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