Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape
Fiberglass Self-adhesive TapeFiberglass Self-adhesive TapeFiberglass Self-adhesive Tape

Fiberglass Self-adhesive Tape

    Fiber self-adhesive tape is a high strength filament tape.Glass fiber contributes higher tensile strength and improved synthetic rubber delivers stronger adhesion.Self Adhesive Fiberglass Mesh Tape Cross Weave Filament Tape for Duct Repair.

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We can produce 8X8 / 9X9 mesh with 60~80g/m2 fiberglass self-adhesive mesh tape.

1.  Outstanding craftsmanship include coating enough alkali resist glue, our coating glue is produced by Germany BASF 

     which can keep 60%-80% strength after test in Naoh 28days later, so that guarantee high strength, high tensility, light 


2. Our fiberglass yarn is supplied by Jushi Group which is the largest producer of fiberglass yarn in the world like Saint 

    Gobain, it’s 20% extra strong strength and beauty surface than normal fiberglass yarn! 

3. Good dimensional stability, stiffness, smoothness an difficult to shrink and deformation, good positioning property..

4. good impact resistance and not easy to be teared. 

If you have any questions about our products, please feel free to contact us,We have more than 20 years of production 

experience, support OEM&ODM,and we support free samples.



1)75g / m2 mesh fabric used in the reinforcement of thin slurry, to eliminate small cracksand scattered throughout 

   the surface pressure.

2)110g / m2 mesh cloth is widely used in indoor and outdoor walls, prevent the various materials (such as brick, light 

    wood, prefabricated structure) of treatment or caused by a variety of expansion coefficient of wall crack and break .

3)145g/m2 mesh fabric used in the wall and be mixed in various materials (such as brick, light wood, prefabricated 

    structures), to prevent cracking and scatter the whole surface pressure, especially in the external wall insulation 

    system (EIFS ).

4)160g / m2 mesh fabric used in insulator layer of reinforcement in the mortar, through shrinkage and 

   temperature changes by providing  a space to maintain movement between the layers,prevent crack and rupture 

   due to shrinkage or temperature change.3.jpg



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