2 method of Horizontal Trellis netting Installation

Nov. 30, 2022

Trellis netting can be supported horizontally and vertically with wooden posts with cable tie . you can find them at a farm supply store.

The method of Vertical Trellis netting Installation:

For vining crops,peas, cucumbers and tomatoes ,usally we will install trellis netting vertically, insert support posts down at approximately every 20′
Then put the net to the support posts using string or twine or cable tie at the top to support the net. Tie or clip your plants to the trellis netting when they begin to climb.

The method of Horizontal Trellis netting Installation:

For cut flowers, we should install the trellis netting horizontally.

First, start by putting four wood post into the ground. Install the first two posts at equal width with your netting (i.e. 3′ apart, 4′ apart, 6′ apart).

The second set of posts should be installed 6′-20′ wider. The height of the posts would depend on what you are growing.

After that step, attach the trellis netting to the post by wrapping them around the post by string or cable ties.

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