Talking about The Greenhouse Shade Nets

Sep. 23, 2016

Shade net is used of polyethylene as raw material, adding anti-aging agent, it can be divided into round wire and flat wire, flat shading nets usually has two needles, three-pin and six-pin, round wire is mainly nine-pin. Shade net covering play one kind of block light, rain, moisture, cooling effect. Winter and spring covering also can play a insulation humidification role. 

Because shade net has breathability, the surface of the leaves are still very dry, it can reduce the occurrence of disease. In addition to permeability, it also has a certain degree of transparency, so that the plant will not see the sun. So the benefits of shade net is a lot, if you planted fruits and vegetables, you can use with a shade net. It can be used for agricultural shade nets, shade nets can also be supplied to courtyard, it can reduce UV intrusion.

Agricultural Shade Nets

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