How to Install The External Wall Construction Scaffold Net?

Oct. 25, 2016

External wall construction scaffold net is powerful, price is reasonable, it is very popular in the market, so the external wall construction scaffold net installation should follow some steps:

First of all, When the scaffolding construction layer higher than the wall pieces, the immediately use temporary stability measures, until the completion of the construction of the previous layer, we can remove the net according to the situation.

Second, shear support should be erected synchronously with the pole, vertical and horizontal horizontal bar, each bottom of the diagonal bar must be supported on the backing plate.

Third, The braces must be supported while the pick bar is erected, and is integrally formed with the longitudinal horizontal rod. Operating level, railings and foot board of construction scaffold net should be erected, the scaffolding and lateral horizontal bar need to be reliable connection to prevent sliding, after scaffolding board paving, we should fix to the support bar immediately. 

Construction Scaffold Net

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