How to Set up Anti Bird Nets for Fruit?

Oct. 29, 2016

Set up columns according to the height of fruit trees, the column must exceed the height of the fruit. Set up steel pipe every 10 meters transversely, 20 meters vertically, the bottom should use cement irrigation, watering cement depth of 70 cm, fixed to the ground, this can ensure that the column is stable and stable. Grape anti bird nets need be connected into one of the grid, the wire ends are fixed, the use of tight wire to tighten the wire, and then fixed, the next step can frame the network.

Place the net on the shelf and secure the two sides of the mesh. First to wear Skynet's nets, expand the the anti-bird nets, with the mesh line will be the grid string together. Each of the two stay out of a rope, tied to the edge of the two ends of the grid. The installation process can prevent the net tear.

Anti Bird Net

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