How to Choose Anti Bird Net?

Nov. 03, 2016

In agriculture, the growth of crops will encounter a variety of problems, such as bird and insect attacks, this time, we need take some measures, such as anti bird net and other agricultural net.

First look at quality. The quality is related to the length of life, is directly related to economic efficiency. Generally new materials can be used more than 3 years, renewable materials generally about 1 year.

The second look at the mesh. The country is more commonly used 2.5CM * 2.5CM hole. This should be selected according to their actual situation.

Third look at the length and width. General factory packaging on the subject of the length of the machine count. 

Fourth look at the network edge. Anti-bird net is divided into receiving side network, stereotypes net, stereotypes edge network. 

Fifth look knot and the thickness of the line. Recommended the use of "knot network." General anti-bird network use 25 silk -30 silk polyethylene single wire as the material. Do not select too thin network cable, easy to pull off during installation.

Anti Bird Net

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