How to Clean The Tarpaulin?

Nov. 09, 2016

After the tarpaulin has been used, we need to clean it and save it, so it will be helpful to prolong the service life. So, when we use, we should pay attention to some problem.

1.first of all to clean up the bottom of the tarpaulin, wipe the sediment, if there is pollution, you can use a slight water to scrub. attention to dry the tarpaulin inside and outside the account, wait for it to resume drying and then close up, if too late to dry the tent, remember not be able to storage for a long tome, to avoid coloring and mildew. attention to clean up the strut of the sand, check tarpaulin attachment and intact. attention to cleaning with detergent, so as not to affect the tarpaulin waterproof effect.

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