Construction Scaffold Net Reduce The Risk of Construction Sites

Nov. 19, 2016

There are many places in the construction sites are usually close to the side of the road, people flow is much. Look up at such a high number of workers in the head, always makes people feel daunting. So, how to reduce the risk of construction sites? Construction safety nets play an important role in the construction industry, it is used to prevent people or objects falling, but also can avoid falling objects injured people.

Construction Safety Nets

The construction scaffold net is made of polyethylene, usually in rolls or in sheets. According to the different needs, sizes are different, colors are also different. In China, green building safety nets are usually used more, and for roadblocks, dangerous road construction, etc., usually the use of orange warning safety net. Building safety nets play a significant role in the construction of roads, infrastructure, skyscrapers and other structures. Therefore, in the construction site, hanging or posting construction safety signs to minimize the risk. When pedestrians cross the road, pay attention to safety, as far as possible away from the construction area.

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