Waterproof Effect of PVC Tarpaulin Products

Nov. 29, 2016

Now in our lives, many users are using tarpaulin products, the use of tarpaulin products can effectively help users to protect items, to avoid rain erosion or sun exposure. PVC Tarpaulin products waterproof is better.

In the production of PVC Tarpaulin, the manufacturers used high-strength polyester tarpaulins to high-strength polyester canvas as the base cloth, coated with PVC resin paste with the growth rate of agents, anti-mold agents, anti-aging agent, antistatic agent and other chemical additives, PVC Tarpaulin has waterproof, mildew, anti-aging, anti-static properties.

At present, the product has been widely applied to vehicles, ships, factories and mines, ports and other cargo storage and transportation, as well as outdoor tourism, anti-disaster tents and so on, covering the open goods.

PVC Tarpaulin

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