How Long Can Shade Nets Be Used?

Dec. 09, 2016

Shade nets are commonly used for planting cover and aquatic coverage, because the environment changes factors, we need to change by artificial way, in order to allow plants and aquatic products more favorable growth, shade nets can be used repeatedly. How long can the shade net be used?

The general life of the shade net is 2-4 years, because the product quality is not the same, the use of specific time can not be estimated, the better the quality, the longer it will take. If the shade net has the relatively poor quality, the material will become soft, prone to damage after one year. So when we buy the shade net, we should choose high quality net.

Of course, storage is also very important, do not place in the sun and damp place, so it can reduce the life of agricultural shade net. Good storage can make shade net use of longer.

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