The Important Role of Building Welded Wire Mesh

Dec. 27, 2016

In urban development, more and more high-rise buildings are being developed, in order to ensure the safety of construction workers and other pedestrians, in the construction, welded wire mesh plays an important role.

Building welded wire mesh can block high-altitude falling objects for people, the use of welded mesh mesh can avoid or reduce the hardness of falling objects impact strength, which ensure people's personal safety. Building welded wire mesh density can reach 2000 mesh per hundred square centimeters, even small stones can be blocked, the safety performance is much larger than other similar welded wire mesh. Building welded wire mesh use straight-chain method to weave, So that a solid welded wire mesh and not slip, the network is stable. In peacetime use, Often clean up the debris on welded wire mesh to avoid deformation.

Welded Wire Mesh

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