How to Store The Tarpaulin?

Jan. 24, 2017

As more rainy days in summer, so tarpaulin is used more frequent, in the use of tarpaulin, what problems should we pay attention to? When we close the tarp, what details should pay attention to? 

First of all, the user in the use of tarpaulins, do not wear shoes to stampede directly, it may undermine the strength of the tarpaulin.

Secondly, in the use of products, need to be fixed the tarpaulin on the floor, so as not to use bricks and other crimping will be weak, the collapse will be occurred.

After the use, tarpaulin should be hung up and scrubbed, do not use chemical add detergent, do not scrub hard to prevent damage, in order to prevent damage to the surface layer of bad waterproof fabric.

When the tarpaulin is not in use, we must regulate the regulation and management, folded and saved to facilitate the next use.

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