Anti Bird Net is Used in Fruit Tree

Feb. 21, 2017

Anti Bird net is important for fruit trees, coverage cultivation is a new technology to increase the production of environmentally friendly agriculture, cover on the scaffolding to build artificial isolation barrier, the birds are refused to the net, cut off the breeding methods of birds, effectively control the spread of various types of birds and prevent the spread of viral disease hazards.

Anti-bird net has the effect of appropriate shading, create favorable conditions for crop growth, reduce a significant reduction in the application of vegetable chemical pesticides. Anti-bird net also has the ability to resist natural disasters such as storm erosion and hail invasion. Of course, can also be used with anti-hail net.

Anti-bird network can generally be used for grape protection, cherry protection, protection of pear trees, apple protection, protection of wolfberry, breeding protection and so on.

Anti Bird Net

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