Welded Wire Mesh Used in Any Place

Mar. 14, 2017

Welded wire mesh is to cut the bars through the cutting machine, cut length is determined by the customer requirements, the diameter of steel from 3mm-12mm, truncated length can be from 0.5-12 meters, the truncated steel bars separated by latitude and longitude, and then welded by a large welded wire mesh welding machine, welded steel mesh surface has smooth, solid and beautiful solder joints.

Steel welded wire mesh is used in many places, steel welded wire mesh at home and abroad is recognized as a new, efficient, high-quality reinforced concrete construction steel, large number of applications in the industrial and civil housing floor, roof, wall, floor, concrete pavement, deck pavement, airport runway, tunnel lining, concrete pipe, pile and so on.

Welded Wire Mesh

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