Tarpaulin Is Widely Used in Transportation And Cargo Storage

Mar. 16, 2017

Now, the application of waterproof tarpaulins in our lives has been very common, the anti-canopy cloth is a PP tarpaulin, is widely used in transportation and cargo storage, with high strength, waterproof sunscreen performance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, etc., it is very popular in life.

First, before using the new waterproof tarpaulins, it is best to remember in the place where the waterproof suture glue and then carefully fill a layer of waterproof suture glue, to avoid suture glue aging during the transport process. If the use of harsh environment, such as wind, we must strengthen the tarpaulins firmness.

Secondly, when supporting the anti-rain tarpaulin, need to pay special attention to pull the rope, so that tarpaulin taut, so that tarpaulin can achieve the best rainproof performance.

Finally, after using the tarpaulins, make sure that the tarpaulin is clean and dry, then folded neatly and collected with the bag, stored in a dry and cool place.

PP Tarpaulin

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