Anti-bird Net Prevent Crops Away From Birds

Apr. 17, 2017

In the early stages of growing seedlings and the fruit is ripe, if the crop has a bird damage, the loss is certainly very large, an effective way is to cover the anti bird net. The use of anti-bird nets can not only protect the orchard crops, but also can provide the necessary light for fruit and vegetable growth.

Anti-bird network is mainly used for orchards, vegetables, greenhouses and other places, used to prevent birds on the fruit, vegetables, pecking. The use of polyethylene as raw material, commonly used mesh 2-2.5 cm, special specifications or a specific length of the width can be customized processing. Anti-bird network has anti-aging, anti-oxidation, corrosion resistance, impact resistance, bearing capacity, long life and other characteristics, is the ideal choice to reduce production costs and improve the fruit yield.

Anti Bird Net

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