Advantages of Welded Steel Mesh

May. 12, 2017

The cast-in-place reinforced concrete in the popular application of welded steel mesh, compared with traditional artificial lashing reinforcement, steel welded wire mesh has the following advantages:

Welded Steel Mesh

1.Saving steel: To calculate the principle of equivalent strength substitution, we can see that saving steel 41.67%, taking into account the use of steel welded wire mesh when the lap, the minimum reinforcement rate and other factors, we can save more than 30% of steel;

2.The construction process is simple: by hand guidance, construction workers in one to two hours, you can fully grasp the steel welded wire mesh construction process;

3.Improve the construction speed: improve efficiency about 70%;

4.Improve the quality of engineering structure: steel welded mesh surface ribs, and concrete bonding, anchorage are reliable, the bond strength is equivalent to more than 3 times the smooth steel, small deviation, crack resistance increased by 75% or more;

5.High comprehensive economic benefits: increased about 15% than the average bandage.

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