Cultivation Technology of Anti Insect Net

Jun. 05, 2017

Insect net material make high-quality polyethylene as raw material, add UV, with resistance to ultraviolet radiation, anti-aging effect. Generally white, other colors, specifications can be customized according to customer needs. With light weight, nice, anti-corrosion, ventilation, easy to clean, light, cheap and other advantages. Anti insect net is usually low cost, the effect is remarkable. 

In the use of insect net cover cultivation of crops, you should master the following points:

1.Choose the appropriate anti-fly net. Should use 20-32 mesh, wire diameter 0.18 mm insect net.

2.The height of the shed is higher than the height of the crop. Otherwise, the leaves are close to the insect net,  and the pests such as the dancing nail can still take the leaves.

3.Covered the net in the whole growth period. Insect net can shade, but not too much. Water can be poured directly on the pest control network, there will not appear seedlings phenomenon. As a result of full coverage, cover the net must be carried out the soil disinfection and chemical weeding, to kill the bacteria and pests remaining in the soil, cut off the path of pest and weed.

4.Pest control network closed tightly to prevent pests and adults into the spawning. 

Anti Fly Net

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