Installation of The Wire Fence

Jun. 28, 2017

We should all be more familiar with wire fence, often seen chainlink fence in our lives, because of the cheap price and easy installation, it becomes the majority of customers choice. What should we pay attention to in the installation of the fence?

First we accurately grasp the various facilities of the information, the wire fence supplier will provide a full set of drawings for the installation, construction is not allowed to damage to the facility. Second, in the column to the fence into the deep, the column should not be pulled out to correct, need to re-rammed its base and then enter, or adjust the column position. Attention should be paid to control the hammering force when approaching depth in construction. Also if the installation of the highway on the bridge to install the flange, pay attention to the positioning of the flange and the top of the column elevation control. Finally, if the fence as a fence barrier, the appearance of the product depends on the quality of the construction process, the construction should pay attention to the preparation of construction and pile driver combination, the fence installation quality can be guaranteed.

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