Raw Materials of Hot Galvanized Wire

Jul. 01, 2017

The galvanized wire used in the bar is made of high quality mild steel wire rod. The galvanized wire is divided into hot galvanized wire and cold galvanized wire. Hot galvanized wire is the use of high-quality low-carbon steel, after drawing molding, pickling rust, high temperature annealing, hot galvanizing, cooling and other processes from processing. Cold galvanized wire easy to rust, thin zinc layer, is not recommended to use in the outdoor fence; The fences are made of hot-dip galvanized wire.

Hot-dip galvanized wire has good toughness and elasticity, due to the thicker coating, hot-dip galvanized wire has better protective properties, it is used for harsh working environment, an important protective coating of steel parts. Hot galvanized products are widely used in chemical equipment, oil processing, marine exploration, metal structure, power transmission, shipbuilding and other industries. Agricultural areas such as pesticide sprinkler irrigation, greenhouses and construction industries such as water and gas transportation can use galvanized wire.

Galvanized Wire

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