Application Technology of Shade Net

Jul. 20, 2017

Shade net has shade cooling, avoid aphid disease prevention, hail reduction, insulation and other effects, and low cost, high efficiency. It has a very wide range of uses in the summer vegetables, flower production and autumn crop breeding. 

(A)Control pest, anti-virus: Covering the shade net, the pests are isolated vegetables, basically can remove the Pieris rapae, cabbage, moth, whitefly and other hazards. Pest and disease infection rate decreased by 54-60%.

(B)Cooling, insulation is conducive to emergence: July and August is the high temperature season in the northern region, due to high temperature and drought, covering shade net can reduce the shed temperature to reduce evaporation, keep the soil moist, so that the emergence rate of vegetables increased by 20-30%.

(C)Windproof and rainproof: Strong winds and heavy rain will cause damage to vegetables, covering the agriculture shade net can reduce the wind speed, the impact of heavy rain can be weakened, is conducive to the development of crop growth.

(D)Prevent sunshine too strong to burn seedling: direct light can make the seedling burn, covering the shade net to reduce the light intensity of 40-50%, avoid the occurrence of burns.

Agriculture Shade Net

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