Maintenance of Waterproof Tarpaulins

Jul. 27, 2017

In general, we use the waterproof tarpaulin in the relatively poor environment, therefore, there is a great deal of damage to the tarpaulin, in order to extend the life of the tarpaulin, how to maintain the product?

1.after using the tarpaulin, collect the parts to avoid the phenomenon of loss.

2.when the storage of tarpaulins, should void sharp items to scratch the waterproof tarpaulins, this is not conducive to use.

3.placement must carefully read the instructions, as well as precautions, the installation of the details and location should be carefully checked.

4.waterproof tarpaulin appeared moldy phenomenon, which will damage the tent's waterproof performance. Once the moldy situation, you should use a sponge stained with a clean agent to mold, then dry.

5.waterproof tarpaulins need for exposure after use of a period of time, it can prevent the emergence of bacteria, it is best to hang up to dry.

Waterproof Tarpaulins

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