How to Avoid Buying A Poor Shade Net?

Aug. 02, 2017

In science and technology and the economy, China's various industries are in rapid development, agriculture shade net is no exception, now the type of shade on the market, the brand is more diversified, able to meet the needs of the majority of users. But at the same time, the user need face with many different shade net, especially for the first time to buy shade nets, if you do not understand the shade net, choosing shade net is a very distressing thing. As a professional manufacturer of shade nets, we will briefly introduce the method of distinguishing shades of good quality.

1. Qualified shade mesh has smooth mesh, flat wire, the gap between the wire mesh is parallel, neat and uniform;

2. Good quality shade net has a good finish, there is a sense of light;

3. Moderate flexibility, no hard feeling, not rough, there is a flat layer of thick texture.

4. Regular length of packaging, shade rate, size are marked clearly.

5. No smell, there is only a faint smell of plastic paste.

Agriculture Shade Net

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