The Role of Shade Net on Agriculture

Aug. 09, 2017

Shade network, also known as shading network, is the latest type of agriculture, fishing, animal husbandry and other special protective coverings. After the summer cover to play a light block, rain, moisturizing, cooling effect; Winter and spring cover there is a certain role in the insulation and humidification. 

Agricultural shade nets are made of polyethylene (HDPE), high density polyethylene, PE, PB, PVC, recycled materials, polyethylene propylene and other raw materials, through UV stabilizer and anti-oxidation treatment, with a strong tensile strength, anti-aging, corrosion resistance, radiation resistance, light and other features.

Shade net is mainly used for the cultivation of vegetables, saffrons, flowers, edible fungi, nursery stock, herbs, ginseng, and other crops of protective cultivation and aquatic poultry breeding industry, to improve production, they have a significant effect. Because it is light weight, will not be overwhelmed high leafy vegetables, will not reduce the commodity. And because it has a certain permeability, after the cover is still dry leaves the surface, reducing the disease occurred. It also has a certain translucent, it has cold protection for plants.

Agricultural Shade Nets

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