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Specification of Balcony Net

Sep 12, 2019

Balcony Net is knitted of an all-weather polyethylene fabric that keeps out 90% of UV rays, yet allows air through. 

That combination reduces the indoor temperature, and also allows some light to filter in so you can keep an eye 

on the out side. 

Balcony Net will withstand heavy wind, abrasion, and is UV stabilized. Fashion relaxes products.

Balcony Net can block harmful sun rays yet remains totally unaffected by moisture and nature temperature extremes. 

Balcony Netcanbest way to expand your outdoor enjoyment without absorbing UV rays which cause serious sunburns or other problems.

Balcony Net Application: give you all year around protection agaginst sun ,wind and dust,also providing privacy for you.

Balcony Screen is normally striped design, making your balcony and terrace colorful and privacy space.

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