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Flat Wire Shade Net

Sep 24, 2019

Flat Wire Shade Net is used to provide shade against sunlight and control temperature.

Flat Wire Shade Net such a high rate, more for agriculture.
shade net
can also be used to protect flowers,trees against frost,wide and hail damage .
shade net can also used for temporary fencing,packaging applications,greenhouse covering.

Flat Wire Shade Net Application:

  • 2 needle shade net: shading rate of 50%. generally used for landscaping, large-scale renovation project,

    more suitable for large-scale field use.

  • 3 needle shade net: shading rate of around 70%. special for flowers, vegetables and fruit crops, shade,

    shade the case without photosynthesis, more suitable for summer and winter crops, greenhouse shade


  • 4 needleshade net: shading rate of 80%. professional sunshade for higher rate of flowers, fruits and

    vegetables, and other crops, is also acting on the greenhouse shade.

  • 6 needle shade net: shading rate of about 99%. more commonly used in the carport, roof insulation

    cooling shade effect directed to require a higher place.

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