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Non Woven Fabric

Apr. 10, 2020

Nonwoven fabric is as its name implies, a kind of fabric that is not woven. Nonwoven fabrics are made by putting randomly 

piled webs of filaments together in the form of a sheet through the means of gluing the filaments with an adhesive, entangling 

them by water jets or other type of pressure, or bonding them together by using the property of filament that becomes solid 

after being melt by heat.

- Creates suitable microclimate for growth & development

- Enables earlier seeding hence larger yields
- Protecting the plants against insects and birds
- Protects from hailstorms, frost, and heavy gusts of wind
- More cushioning effect to the soil surface
- Better Gas exchange capacity thus less suffocation to root


Product NameNon-woven
MaterialPolypropylene, also known as PP
Weight70-1200 g / m2
Roll Length50m~400m
Colourall colours
FeatureMoisture-proof, breathable,  , easy to decompose, non-toxic andnon-irritating
Field Of UseNon-woven fabrics for civil industries such as furniture, industrial non-woven fabrics such as car seat lining, agricultural non-woven fabrics such as ecological bags


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