The Application of PE Fence Net

Oct. 11, 2019

PE Fence Net made from 100% virgin HDPE with UV treated

PE Fence Net is heavy duty. Yet light weight (25gsm-350gsm).

Color and size can be customized.

Approximately 20-95% shade rate can be.

Using for : PE Fence Net mainly used to cover building under contruction or re-construction, have 

very widely usage, such as sport fencing,temporary fencing, feed lots, chicken farms, public areas, etc..


Function: PE Fence Net can prevent people or objects falling to avoide or reduce falls and physical 

attack damage, safety for workers and pedestrians walking near the base of a scaffolding structure.


Caution :The Storage and Transport enviironment of the PE Fence Net must be ventilated , dark, not 

heat and be avoide chemical attack, prohibit the use of hooks when carrying in bags.

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