Suppliers Teach You to Fold Tarpaulins

Aug. 21, 2017

Tarpaulin is a kind of material that is now widely used, while the tarpaulin need to use properly, save properly, can be used repeatedly, very economical and practical, but many users think that folding and packing tarpaulins is a very troublesome thing, mainly because there is no way to master the right way.

First, the tarpaulin front up to spread out, leaving two side ropes, the length of the direction of both sides fold to the tarpaulin midline, and then folded their sides are divided into three equal parts, toward the center line twice. Again, the width of the direction of the tarpaulin on both sides of the direction of the tarpaulin midline fold, each successive to the middle of the fold three times. In addition, it is bundled with a reserved rope, b Both sides tied to the cross, tied tightly. In fact, only the right way to grasp the folding tarpaulin, it is very simple to do it.

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