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Dec. 23, 2022

Advantages of weeding cloth

A weeding cloth is a cloth used to keep weeds from growing. It usually consists of layers of barrier layers that cover the soil and are designed to block the flow of sunlight, water and nutrients to the ground, thereby stopping weed growth.

Weeding cloths have many advantages, including:

Prevent Weeds from Growing: The weeding cloth can effectively prevent weeds from growing, making your garden and flower beds look neater.

Protect Soil: Weeding cloths can help protect soil from water loss and loss of soil fertility.

Use Less: Using weed control cloths reduces reliance on chemical herbicides, which helps reduce your environmental impact.

Save time and labor: Using weeding cloth can save you the time and labor spent on spraying herbicides or eradicating weeds.

Reduced growth cycle: Weeding cloth can speed up plant growth because it stops weeds from growing and provides more resources for plants.

However, weeding cloths also have some disadvantages, such as needing to be replaced regularly and the risk of contamination during use. Therefore, care should be taken to avoid these problems when using weeding cloth.

Custom Weeding Cloth Requirements

If you want to customize weeding cloth, you can consider the following points:

Size: Determine the size of the weeding cloth to fit the size of your garden or flower bed.

The weight per square meter is generally 80 to 120g. The fruit tree is about 85g, and the seedling cloth should be thicker than 100g.

The width, generally 60 to 4.5 meters, should be determined in combination with the planting width and laying method. 1 meter is widely used.

Color: Consider the color of the weeding cloth to suit the style of your garden or flower bed. Some commonly used colors include green, brown, and black. Garden floor coverings are generally more beautiful in white, and there are also cases of green applications.

Air permeability: Determine the air permeability of the weeding cloth to ensure that the soil can get enough air and moisture.

Durability: Choose a durable weeding cloth to ensure it will last. The material is mainly pp and pe, pp has many low-priced products, and pe has better anti-aging effect, longer service life and more cost-effective

Environmental protection: service life. 1-10 years. Consider choosing recyclable or compostable weeding cloths to reduce your environmental impact.

Price: Choose the right weeding cloth according to your budget.

When choosing a weeding cloth, you should pay attention to these factors to ensure that the selected weeding cloth will meet your needs and achieve the best results.

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