How to choose suitable for orchard grass cloth weeding cloth?

Jul. 28, 2020

Straw cloth is also called "weeding cloth", "suppressing cloth", "insulating cloth", "moisturizing cloth", "garden 

cloth" and so on.It is made of environmentally friendly polypropylene and self-developed polymer functional 

materials, which can achieve zero pollution if used properly.Moreover, grass-preventing cloth is a new type of 

agricultural weeding cloth with breathable and permeable water, obvious moisture and cold prevention effect, 

moisture and absorption promotion, and effective weed control. At present, it has been applied in many fruit 

tree planting bases for seedling cultivation in greenhouses and outdoor fruit tree grass prevention.

We are the manufacturer of the grass cloth. For the grass cloth, especially the orchard grass cloth, our Suggestions 

are as follows through years of production experience:

Seedling is bred inside greenhouse: general PP prevents grass cloth to be able, because PP (polypropylene) material

 is the material that international recognition is friendly to environment, won't be harmful to seedling growth.

Outdoor orchard base: due to the vast territory of China in the south of most areas of China, the light intensity of 

sunshine, for the long-term exposure to the sun, the choice of grass cloth, must be careful, to choose a professional 

anti-sun grass cloth, added with anti-UV antioxidant quality ground cover.It usually lasts three to five years.

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