Advantages of hdpe bale net

Mar. 21, 2022

Advantages of hepe bale net

The bale net is a knitted material made of plastic sand thread produced by a knitting machine. Its weaving method is the same as that of winding net, the difference is that their gram weight is different. usually,

The weight of the winding net is about 4g/m, while the weight of the bale net is more than 6g/m.

In recent years, bale nets have become a popular alternative to replacing hemp rope. Compared with hemp rope, bale net has the following advantages:

Advantages of hepe bale net

1. Save bundling time

The bale net can be packed in only 2-3 laps, which greatly improves the efficiency of the work, and reduces the friction on the equipment, which saves fuel. The bale net surface is easy to lay flat on the ground.

This open net allows the straw to fall off the net surface, creating a more weather-resistant hay roll. Binding hay with twine will create a concavity and rainwater infiltration will cause the hay to rot, use

Bale nets can reduce losses by up to 50%. This loss can be much more wasted than the cost of the bale net.

2. Very suitable for silage rolls

The flat surface of the bale net saves time in unrolling the net. When feeding, the membrane and net come off together as a whole. At the same time easy to remove.

Strengthen wind resistance, better than traditional hemp rope, can reduce the rot of hay by about 50%.

3. It is very convenient to cut and remove the bale net, so you don't have to worry about finding the edge of the net, and the volume of the bale net can be greatly reduced in the final treatment.

Forage nets are mainly used for bundling straw and forage grass. Currently, they are mainly used in farms in developed countries, and will also be widely used in domestic farms, rice fields and grasslands in China in the future. The quality of this product is strictly controlled, the tensile strength of each monofilament is 60N, and the strength of the whole web is ≥2500N/M. Application scope and advantages: It is suitable for harvesting and storage of straw and forage in large farms and grasslands; it can also be used for industrial packaging. play a winding role.

Hdpe Bale Net Specification:

Raw material: 100% virgin HDPE plus U.V. Weight: 10g-16g/M2

Color: white (can be customized)

Door width: 0.6-6M (can be customized) Roll length: 50-200M (can be customized)

Packaging: Packed in plastic bags or according to customer requirements, the straw net is mainly made of new polyethylene as the main raw material, and is made through multiple processes such as drawing, weaving, and rolling.

Mainly used in farms, wheat fields and other places.

Advantages of hepe bale net

Hdpe Bale Net Detail:

Help collect pasture, straw, etc. The use of the bale net will reduce the pollution caused by straw and pasture burning, protect the environment, and be low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

Hay bale net, the number of needles is one needle, usually the color is white (other colors can be contacted customer service), the net width is 1-1.7 meters, usually in rolls, and the length of a roll is 2000 to 3600 meters, which can be customized according to requirements. The net is mainly used for bundling straw and pasture, and the use of the baling net greatly improves the work efficiency.

Advantages of hepe bale net

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