Anti Weed Mat/Ground Cover Cloth

Jan. 13, 2022

Weeding cloth also known as grass-proof cloth, horticultural ground cloth, geomembrane, etc., it is woven from narrow strips of polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene (PE) materials, and specially added anti-aging agents such as anti-ultraviolet. The color is mainly black, but also white, green, brown and so on.

Anti Weed Mat/Ground Cover Cloth

It has the characteristics of wear resistance, UV resistance and mildew resistance. With the development of economy and society, labor costs are getting higher and higher. Considering both ecological and economic considerations, weed-proof cloth mulching has become a key for fruit and vegetable agronomic management to control weeds. The preferred measure, although the initial investment is relatively high, has the characteristics of one-time investment and multi-year benefits.

Advantages of using weeding cloth:

1. Effective weed control, and the soil moisture of the tree tray is maintained, so that the roots can absorb nutrients efficiently, and no harmful pesticides such as herbicides are used to provide organic green food.

2. Permeable and breathable, which is conducive to the growth of plant roots.

3. As a horticultural ground cloth, it can prevent the root system of the crops in the pot from penetrating the bottom of the pot and burrowing into the ground, thereby ensuring the quality of the potted flowers.

4. Most of the ground fabrics are woven with marking lines. When placing flowerpots or arranging cultivation substrates, they can be arranged accurately according to the marking lines, which is beneficial to cultivation management. .

5. Keep floors clean. The ground of the greenhouse is directly laid with ground cloth, which ensures the cleanliness of the ground. In cooperation with the seedbed, it can reduce the accumulation of water in the lower part of the seedbed, and can prevent weeds from growing in the lower part of the seedbed to breed diseases.

Anti Weed Mat/Ground Cover Cloth

The weeding cloth can also be further punched, and the hole diameter, plant spacing and row spacing can be customized, making plant cultivation more time-saving and labor-saving.

Ground cloth can also be used in water conservancy, dams, road construction, airports, buildings, environmental protection projects, and can play the role of filtration, drainage, isolation, etc.

Anti Weed Mat/Ground Cover Cloth

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