Benefits of Shade Net Cover Restaurant Cultivation

Aug. 15, 2020

1. Lightweight, simple and cost-effective.

2. It can effectively improve the crop growth environment and reduce disasters. The main function of the shading net is to prevent the damage of strong light, high temperature, heavy rain, wind, frost and bird worms, and provide good environmental conditions for the growth and development of crops. Covering with a shade net can reduce the light intensity to a suitable range for crop growth to facilitate photosynthesis. At the same time, after covering the sunshade net, shading and cooling can also reduce the wind speed, reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, which is beneficial to moisturizing and drought-proof, and reduce the mechanical damage, sediment pollution and the hazard of soil compaction to vegetables caused by the storm. In addition, it can also reduce pests and diseases, and achieve crop-free cultivation of pesticides and pesticides. In addition to the large amount of shade nets used for vegetable cultivation in summer and autumn to ease the autumn, shade nets are mainly used in areas that are hot and rainy or are prone to viral diseases.

3. Keep cold. Winter instead of straw, deciduous cover, can prevent frost, cold, frost, is conducive to the stability of winter vegetables produce high quality.

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