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The Differences among PE, PP and PVC Tarpaulin

Sep 01, 2017

The main material type of tarpaulin is PE, PP and PVC. The three have a very close application areas.The PP and PE tarpaulin are the same as the daily woven bags on the material. PE and PP tarpaulins are also known as plastic tarpaulins.When used to make the cover, the textile density is large, the color is diverse and bright, the quality is lighter, convenient to carry and low cost. While the disadvantage is that the use of life is shorter. The difference between the two is that PE material has good low temperature resistance but poor performance of high temperature. The PP material is on the contrary. PVC tarpaulin is in polyester yarn or fiberglass wire, PVC coating, on the basis of the grid cloth in order to increase the fire prevention and waterproof performance, color diversity. It can be customized on-demand quality relative to the PE and PP tarpaulins. Its advantage is that use fixed number of year is far greater than the PE and PP tarpaulins, prices are relatively high.

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