Global Market Situation of PE Tarpaulin Roll

Aug. 15, 2020

In foreign countries, the content of PE Tarpaulin Roll has changed. In order to improve the strength and weather resistance of the canopy cloth, besides some canopy cloths and canvases that require air permeability, they are generally treated with a coating and laminating process. After textiles made of synthetic fibers are coated and laminated, their performance in all aspects is greatly improved. At present, canopy fabrics used abroad are mainly coated with polyvinyl chloride or polyethylene coated fabrics of chemical fiber materials from the perspective of economic efficiency and practical value. Their uses include awnings, tents, and construction fabrics. , advertising light box signs, container materials, agricultural covers, inflatable fabrics, machinery and car cover cloth.

Foreign countries have developed rapidly in the application of canopy cloth materials, the market is relatively stable, and the variety is diverse, can adapt to various needs, especially foreign Shade Net, variety, color rich and diverse, but also provide dedicated components and supporting. The foreign car tarpaulin has developed into an independent industry. There are already professional car tarpaulin companies. This industry has become a niche market.

PE Tarpaulin Roll

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