Greenhouse Agriculture Shade Net​

Jan. 10, 2020

1. The knitted structure of the greenhouse agriculture shade net allows sufficient water vapour to pass through, preventing 

condensation drops to form on the underside of the screen. 

2. Open-structure: the open spaces allow for sufficient airflow, resulting in a considerable reduction of the air temperature 

even at high temperature during the day. It can offers considerable decreases in heat loss from the crops while the screen 

is closed at night and the plant temperature will stay higher.
3. Long usage life: Our greenhouse agriculture shade net is a highly UV-stabilized product. The applied UV-stabilizers are 

resistant to all common chemicals used in greenhouses.
4. Stable performance: greenhouse agriculture shade net has the special knitting structure and good aluminum foil of the 

shade net keep the screen neat and aluminum strips fixed. 

5. Small occupation: greenhouse agriculture shade net has the unique knitted structure reduces condensation and allows 

them to be bundled to a small size for maximum available light. 

6. Wide uses: greenhouse agriculture shade net is a material for high-yield, high-quality agricultural cultivation techniques. 

It is popularly used in vegetables, flowers, edible mushrooms, fruits, medicinal herbs aquaculture industry, and other fields.

7. The greenhouse agriculture shade net works at the same time as wind-breaking net, anti-hail net and anti-bird netting for 

the crops and vegetables within the greenhouse.

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