How should screen window choose?

Dec. 29, 2020

Choose according to the material of gauze:

Gauze is an indispensable part of window screen, so it is very important to choose good material gauze!Consider to change gauze to 

want to ask professional personnel to come to change more troublesome, should choose to be able to use the gauze of the time then.

The market is more popular gauze: fiberglass mesh, polyester gauze.

Gauze has domestic and imported points.Imported mostly interwoven gauze;The domestic ones are made of fiberglass and some are 

made of plastic.Imported high-quality gauze can be pushed and pulled for tens of thousands of times without deformation;Domestic 

glass fiber can only withstand a few thousand times;And plastic window screen because material is qualitative concern, easy heat 

bilges cold shrink, the probability that deforms is big.So we should give priority to imported gauze.

Common screen material classification:

Common window screens are glass fiber yarn, polyester yarn and Taiwan SPL yarn.Glass fiber yarn and polyester yarn are plain woven 

yarns.Now we usually use glass fiber plain yarn.It comes in black, gray and off-white.The north uses black more, the south uses gray 

more, but black yarn intensity wants higher than gray yarn.

1, glass fiber yarn: the glass fiber material has a certain flame-retardant effect, strong anti-aging ability, strong weather resistance, and 

the physical properties do not change much, at present, most of the window screens use this material.

2, stainless steel yarn net: there are fine, medium, roving net, itself is divided into acid resistance and acid resistance, so not embroidered 

steel yarn net material subdivided into several kinds, but most consumers, more inclined to coarse non-embroidered steel yarn net, durable, 

good wash, belong to the most top of the yarn net.

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