How to choose black shade and green shade net?

Mar. 11, 2021

How to choose black shade net and green shade net!

As temperatures warm, many friends at first choose sun-shade net to shade summer summer, greenhouse vegetables or home yard, square, or activity involves various sun-shade net net material manufacturers, then black sun-shade net and green sun-shade net actually should be how to choose, today's network built with guys anatomy.

How to choose black shade and green shade net?

How to choose black sunshade net and green sunshade net!

First from shading effect, actually harm shading effect is a key element is the relative density, relative density is higher, the shading effect, the better, so Substantially the shading effect and the tonal sun-shade net immediately, but black relativity green more easy endothermic reaction, which is most people choose the black sun-shade net.

Green shade net

But if use black sun-shade net in the yard, roof, applications, such as household furniture is not good, this time you can choose the green agriculture shade net, and even can choose dark blue, colorful agriculture shade net, it not only has the effect of the shade, also become a beautiful beautiful scenery, try it?

How to choose black shade and green shade net?

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