In what season is the black shade net used

Sep. 22, 2020

Shading nets are mainly used in summer, especially in the South where they are widely promoted. Some 

people describe it as white in winter in the north (film covered), and black in summer in the south (covered 

with sunshade nets). The use of shading nets to cultivate vegetables in the south in summer has become 

a major technical measure for disaster prevention and protection. Northern applications are also limited to 

summer vegetable seedlings. In summer (June-August), the main function of covering the shading net is 

to prevent the scorching sun, the impact of heavy rain, the hazard of high temperature, the spread of pests 

and diseases, especially to prevent the migration of pests.


Where is the sunshade net applied


     In our daily life, there are many places where sunshade nets can be used, such as building a carport to 

prevent your car from sun and rain. For example, your own fish pond can be covered with sunshade nets 

and try to raise aquatic products. After covering your own terrace with a sunshade net, it can be used as a 

leisure place in the morning and evening, such as taking a bath, drinking tea and playing mahjong. As long 

as you use your brain for a little bit, the sunshade net can be used everywhere in our lives.

What raw materials are used to process the sunshade net

     The sunshade net is made of special Korean polyethylene bottle cap materials, which has a high fire 

resistance coefficient, is solid and durable, is also resistant to aging, stretchable and has very good toughness. 

Because of its characteristics, it can effectively absorb ultraviolet rays and can also be used for urban 

beautification. It can inhibit the dust particles in the heavily polluted material storage yard and achieve the 

purpose of beautifying the environment.

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