Introduction of aluminum foil insulation shade net

Sep. 30, 2021

Overview of aluminum foil shading and heat preservation curtain:

1. Reflection and transmission: The white upper layer reflects sunlight and reduces the heat reaching the surface of the greenhouse. The open-hole structure can achieve maximum ventilation.

2. Moisturizing and anti-condensation: The woven structure allows sufficient water vapor to pass through to prevent condensation at the bottom of the curtain.

3. Long life: highly anti-ultraviolet, anti-static products, keep clean and effective after long-term use. The anti-ultraviolet stabilizer added in the material is resistant to chemicals commonly used in greenhouses.

4. Stable performance: special formula and technology, high-quality pure aluminum foil to ensure that the product will not be dealuminated. The shrinkage rate of this product is ≤0.1% at 70℃.

5. Small footprint: the special woven structure makes it easy to fold, ensuring that when the sunshade screen is folded, the light resources are used as much as possible

6. Application: Suitable for various types of greenhouses, and can be installed under different greenhouse covering materials. The installation method can choose the curtain line sliding system and the suspension system.

Product specifications:

Suitable for all kinds of greenhouses

1. Size: 3.3-6.3 meters;

2. Thickness: 1.0-1.2 mm;

3. Mode: 3 aluminum foil + 1 hole;

4. Material: aluminum foil + polyester yarn

5. Shading rate: 75%, energy saving rate: 37%

6. Service life: 5 years (indoor), 3 years (outdoor).

Product details:

Introduction of aluminum foil insulation shade net

Introduction of aluminum foil insulation shade net

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Introduction of aluminum foil insulation shade net

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