Olive Net (Olive Harvest Net, Olive Collection Net)

Nov. 13, 2023

OLIVE NET manufactures and supplies Nets for Olive Collection made in Greece. They are made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) monofilament yarn, meeting international specifications, stabilized against solar ultraviolet radiation.

Above all nets are suitable for food and olives due to non-toxic materials.

All olive harvesting nets are manufactured under strict specifications in accordance with ISO standards which guarantee excellent construction and weaving quality.

Olive Net (Olive Harvest Net, Olive Collection Net)

OLIVE NET Function:

Olivenet's net product is the cost-effective solution for fast and simple harvesting, ensuring the integrity of olives.

OLIVE NET Applications:

The raw materials utilized for production of nets are non-toxic, have no effect in oil contact, as they do not contain phthalates DINP or other plasticizers, making them suitable for olives.

Collection of olives and other crops. They can also be used to collect pistachios, almonds, chestnuts and nuts.

Olive Net (Olive Harvest Net, Olive Collection Net)

OLIVE NET Specification:

Raw Material

100% Virgin HDPE Resins, UV content: 0.3 to 1%

Width0.6m ~ 6m
Roll LengthAccording to Customer's Request
Shade Rate30% ~95%
LastingDurationAbout 3-5 years

Color Available

Green,Black ,Dark green ,Yellow,gray,Blue and white.etc (as your request)
Exported toSouth America, Spain, Japan, the Middle East ,Europe , markets etc.
Delivery Time20 Working Days After Confirmed P.O.

Each piece packed in plastic bag, and several pieces per bale with PP woven bag outside, or in rolls with inner paper tube with plastic bag outside

OLIVE NET Benefits:

Ultraviolet radiation (UV) resistance.

Convenient and light, they can be installed by a single person.

Their dense weave ensures excellent durability.

They are not carried away by the wind or displaced or rolled on their edges, due to weaving and the presence of rib at the edges.

They do not rip-off or tear and do not shrink during harvest.

Suitable for all types of terrain (rock, earth) as they adapt to morphology.

Protects wrists from injuries.

Suitable for organic farmers (organic crops).

The raw materials used are non toxic and they do not affect the products they come into contact with.

Wide variety of dimensions, to cover all needs. (upon request)

Olive Net (Olive Harvest Net, Olive Collection Net)

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