PE tarpaulin maintenance and storage

Nov. 25, 2020

PE tarpaulin is the use of products made of polyethylene as raw material, must have everyone knows it is a kind of high 

density polyethylene chemicals, the use of this kind of material with high temperature, hardness and mechanical strength, 

product quality made of lighter, clean pollution-free, such products in our life is also more and more widely used, use area 

and type of different methods for the product maintenance and maintenance is also different, the following is to introduce 

the product maintenance and storage.

Notes for use and storage of PE tarpaulin are as follows:

1. The storage place must choose ventilated, ventilated, clean and tidy place.

2. In sunny days, it is necessary to keep indoor ventilation; in rainy days, it is necessary to keep doors and Windows in 

    order to ensure the dryness of articles.

3. When stacking products, attention should be paid to the principles of "big up, big down" and "light up, heavy down".

PE tarpaulin maintenance and storage  PE tarpaulin maintenance and storage

PE tarpaulin maintenance and storage

4. Pay attention to fire prevention, water proofing and pressure proofing in storage.

5. It is forbidden to put the products directly on the ground, and it needs to be put on the shelf or pallet for barrier.

6. When the product is packed up, the sand and debris above shall be dumped clean.

7.Avoid contact with sharp objects.

8. Avoid overheated places.

9. Handle with care during handling.

10. Wash well and air regularly.

PE tarpaulin maintenance and storage

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