Selection and characteristics of fruit tree bird nets

Feb. 26, 2022

Tuohua anti bird nets are divided into two types: knotted anti-bird nets and knotless anti bird nets.

Knotted anti bird nets can be divided into single-wire knotted anti bird nets and multi-strand knotted anti bird nets according to the thread.

At present, the monofilament anti bird nets commonly used in the market are generally blue monofilament anti bird nets, with a wire diameter of 0.32MM, made of polyethylene, and can usually be used for about 3 years. The advantages are: the length direction has been strengthened. , The whole part of the net is monofilament, and the side is 9 strands of 380D wire. It is shaped and closed. When pulling the net, you only need to open the net, and use a steel wire or rope to pass through the black line part. However, some customers responded that the fastness of the monofilament is not enough. If you use the  anti bird nets with 12 strands, 18 strands, etc. on the market, it will be cumbersome to pull up. Cheap.

Selection and characteristics of fruit tree bird nets

In response to this problem, Tuohua's technicians have made improvements, using 380D yarn to twist and merge into 4-6 strands of yarn, then weaving, and finally closing the edge and shaping, so the cost has increased on the basis of the original monofilament, but Compared with ordinary multi-strand  anti bird nets, the cost is reduced, and the most important thing is that it can be pulled up with less effort, and it is much stronger than the knot-free  anti bird nets on the market. There are also several mesh specifications for our company's anti-bird nets. The so-called mesh is the size of the grid.

Commonly used are 2.5 cm, 3 cm and 4.5 cm mesh, 2.5 cm and 3 cm mesh can prevent smaller birds such as sparrows, and 4.5 cm can prevent larger birds such as gray magpies and crows.

Therefore, everyone should make reasonable choices and purchases according to the types of local bird pests and the requirements of the area and quality of the orchard. If you want a lower cost and lighter weight, you can choose a single-filament strong  anti bird nets. If you want to be firmer, choose a multi-strand and no-knot three-strand  anti bird nets. It is easy to crush the rack and tear in high winds. Relatively speaking, it is better to have multiple shares.

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