Use shade net to plant vegetables in summer

Dec. 21, 2020

Reasonable selection of network: there are many models ofshade net, different specifications, different colors of shade 

net, shading rate and cooling effect are different;Different kinds of vegetables have different requirements for light intensity.

Therefore, according to the vegetable species and the light intensity during the coverage, choose the appropriate shading 

network.For example, black shade net with high shading rate and fast cooling should be used for short-term coverage in 

fields requiring fine management in hot summer.Silver grey shading net is suitable for covering light-loving vegetables and 

total growing period.

Use shade net to plant vegetables in summer

Strengthen management: the sun screen should be opened flexibly according to the requirements of light intensity and 

temperature at different growth stages of different vegetable species and weather conditions.Generally sunny cover, 

overcast;In the morning, in the evening;Cover in early growth stage, peel in late growth stage.Specific rules are as follows :

(1) use floating surface covering before sowing and seedling emergence; uncover the net in the evening after seedling 

emergence; if open field cultivation requires scaffolding, cover the shade net on the scaffolding the next day after sunrise.

The seedlings transplanted can also be covered by floating surface before survival, covered by day and uncovered at night, 

and covered by scaffolding after the seedlings resume growth.

(2) Before and after noon, when the light is strong, the temperature is high and the rainstorm is heavy, the net should be 

covered in time;Early morning and evening or continuous rainy weather, temperature is not high, light is not strong in time 

to uncover the net, 

(3) 5 to 7 days before harvesting should remove the net, so as to avoid vegetable leaves too light color, quality reduced.

Use shade net to plant vegetables in summer

Proper collection: shade net can be used for many times, proper collection can extend its service life.When collecting, 

appropriate chooses overcast day to dry net to roll up, dew ground float face is covered, after waiting for morning dew to dry, 

peel off net to roll up again.Sun screen to avoid mud pollution, such as pollution, can be used to clean spray, dry after retract, 

sun screen to be put in a ventilated, dark storage place, and stored on the shelf, pay attention to moth and mouse bite.

Use shade net to plant vegetables in summer

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