What do you know about fiberglass mesh

Apr. 07, 2023

Fiberglass mesh is a kind of glass fiber woven with medium alkali or alkali free glass fiber yarn and coated with alkali resistant high molecular emulsion.

160g fiberglass mesh is our best seller. C/e glass fiber yarn by special weaving process, alkali resistance, reinforcement and other high temperature heat treatment. It is an ideal construction material.

What do you know about fiberglass mesh

The advantages of fiberglass mesh:

1 Can be very good repair the defects of the old wall, suitable for all kinds of wall.

2 Strong tensile strength, has a strong anti-crack effect on the wall.

3. The open space arranged by the structure is conducive to the dispersion of water vapor and the promotion of indoor climate conditioning.

4 Excellent sound absorption.

What do you know about fiberglass mesh

The process flow of fiberglass mesh:

1 basic wall treatment, 2 interface mortar, 330 thick adhesive powder polystyrene particle insulation layer, 43 ~ 5 thick anti-crack mortar composite two layers of alkali resistant glass fiber mesh cloth

The selection of fiberglass mesh needs to consider the following aspects:

1. Specifications of mesh cloth

2. Basic material of wall surface,

3. Treatment of wall surface,

4 Construction environment and construction conditions.

Common specifications are 5mm×5mm, 4mm×4mm, 3mm×3mm12.

If it is plastered on the basis of cement mortar, you can choose 5mm×5mm mesh cloth; If the basic material is gypsum board or light steel keel for plastering on the wall, you can choose 4mm×4mm specification grid cloth; If it is to repair on the old wall, you can choose 3mm×3mm mesh cloth

What do you know about fiberglass mesh

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