What is pp ground cloth

Oct. 18, 2021

Use weeding cloth to eliminate the time and effort needed for weeding for a long time

Artificial weeding will burden the waist, and herbicides will inevitably affect the human body or the soil. Moreover, both artificial weeding and herbicides must be implemented regularly. Straw mats or iron plates are usually laid where weeds grow to prevent weeds from spreading. But the straw mat rots quickly; the iron plate is also difficult to work because of the heavy weight. The use of weeding cloth can greatly reduce time consumption because it is easy and durable to lay.

What is pp ground cloth?cid=191

Please confirm the following 5 points when choosing weeding cloth

Tuohua has been producing and exporting weeding cloth for more than 20 years and has rich experience in exporting. There are also a variety of prices and specifications to choose from. And our weeding cloth has the following five special features:

. Strong shading;

. Strong penetration resistance;

. Strong water permeability;

. Strong durability;

. Strong construction;

What is pp ground cloth?cid=191

Characteristics and performance of ground cover cloth

According to the five elements that should be paid attention to in the above-mentioned anti-weed cloth, let's take a look at the characteristics and performance of different types of anti-weed cloth.

The woven weed control cloth is a kind of weed control cloth with the appearance of a blue-black cloth film woven with a strip-shaped film.

PP ground cover are Used as a subsurface mulch, it can be covered with soil, bark or gravel for permanent weed control. It can be laid under paving slabs to prevent weeds growing through the cracks.


·Exceptional weed suppression without spraying;

·Outstanding UV resistance – 5 year UV guarantee;

·Light weight,easy to install,follows natural ground contours;

·Puncture and tear resistant – can handle machine and pedestrian traffic;

·Effectively prevent the ground produce weeds, keep the floor clean;

·Good water and air permeability,It can be keep the soil moisture , temperature,and stop insects;

·Good to keep the fertilizer and water from evaporating;

What is pp ground cloth?cid=191

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