How to Improve The Life of Fiberglass Screens?

Dec. 17, 2016

How should we maintain fiberglass window screens, can improve its life?

1.When use each time, we should make the spring torque, rope tension adjusted to the best use of the state; after using, as well.

2.For the slide maintenance, use a brown brush to clean the inside of the slide rail, it is also necessary to remove dust or foreign matter from the inside of the slide rail, and occasionally lubricate repair glide system is also necessary.

3.The daily maintenance of the framework, for the dust on the surface of the screen frame, often wipe clean with brush or clean soft towel. At the same time, often clean up the dust around the screens, ensure that the overall environment of the screen window clean environment.

4.The most important is appropriate recovery, when not in use, remember to  close up.

Fiberglass Window Screens

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